Working Document for Defining Conventions between members of the CF Community

In order to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of complementary currencies, CommunityForge has created a Community of Practice focused on our Drupal internet tools

CommunityForge as a zero-balance LETS:
-should CommunityForge function as a pure LETS? We would ask each hosted site to pay in hours from their central account in order to bring the CF balancing account to zero.

Members earn credits by:
doing such things as: (see FAQ taxonomy for all activities, organised by phase)
-answering questions
-training new communities
-contributing to CC projects

and spend credits by:
-same as above
-add other ways of spending?
and may store credits, which may or may not be redeemable.

A member may earn the status of Expert by
-helping others for X hours in a specific phase (ie: Expert at Driving a Community)
-helping others for X hours in any phase (a higher total is needed)
-answering Questions submitted to the FAQ
-these could be aggregated into a reputational currency such as the Stones, Tumbles, Gems method
Expert Responsabilities are:
Expert Rights are:
-user/1 access
-a vote on CF matters

Members may or may not belong to a...

Hosted Community
A hosted Community requests a website to manage their economy. CF sets up an account, that will be debited for:
-setting up of the installation (X hours)
-Every answer to an email question (actual time spent, min. 1/4 hour)
-Every phone conversation (actual time spent, min. 1/4 hour)
-Every training operation (actual time spent, plus travel)
-Each member every year (x hours)? or ?
The hosted Community can earn back credits by:
-taxing their members in local units
-receiving donations from the CF community
-transferring units from their Community to their CF account
Decisions: ?

InterTrading Network
Communities can earn the right to InterTrade within the system. In order to make units intertradable, a community must get X points on a sustainability index which may include :
Trade indicators
-trade volume per trader
-number of trades per trader
-number of unique trading partners (promiscuity)

Scheme indicators
-zero balancing (encouraged) or bottomless well (not normally accepted)
--if zero balancing, do they give units to members for tasks done for the community?
-number of activities organised (calendar events created)
-number of items created and updated on the website

CC Movement indicators
-number of hours traded on CF
-number of new Communities sponsored

Our CoP shall use the following: