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Site information: How do you want the name of your organization to appear on the site? Do you have a slogan? (default is "To change, exchange")
Logo: Do you have a logo for your club? If yes, you can import it in jpg, gif or png.

Exchange units: What is the name of your exchange unit?
Will you prevent trade beyond the maximum and minimum balances?

Do you have a symbol for this unit?
If yes, you can import it in jpg, gif or png.

Your exchange unit is in integers or fractions. Instructions are given to help you set up cents or quarters of an hour.

Local sites' FAQ


Hello Community Member CommunityForge.
We are currently setting up a new FAQ system shared between the 100 SEL user tools FC. The FAQ will be maintained in a central way, as, but our scale.) We hope that the FAQ will be easier to update as and when improvements made to your sites. We are looking for volunteers. Contact [email protected] to lend a hand.


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0. Créer une monnaie durable

On voit naître de nombreuses initiatives de monnaies (SEL, Monnaies Locales, Transition, B2B, etc), mais le processus de la conception à la mise en place présente de nombreux défis.

Afin d'augmenter la probabilité de réussite, John Rogers Value for People et Tim Anderson CommunityForge, organisent des ateliers.

Agenda for the 2012 CommunityForge Community Currency Retreat, from Feb 2-11 @ Tiocan


CommunityForge is a non-profit association that designs, develops and distributes free, open-source software for building communities with currencies.

3. Dynamiser votre site CommunityForge

A travers des exercises concrètes, nous apprenons à utiliser les outils pour dynamiser votre sel, voici un exemple

"Comment organiser et communiquer un événement à l'aide de l'outil"

1. Afin de nous donner un espace de travail, nous allons créer un "Document de travail", et...
-ajouter le titre
-le mettre dans le bon rubrique
-ajouter du texte
-donner la permission aux adhérents d'ajouter des commentaires (ou pas)
-y attacher un document Word, PDF ou autre
-lui donner un nom déscriptif (et non simplement un numéro)
-sauvegarder le document
-ajouter des commentaires

On 29 Apr 2011 - 14:28 paid Tim Anderson

the sum of

1.00 Beads

for répondre aux questions par email, et créer des FAQ

On 27 Apr 2011 - 19:05

SEL Wallones paid

the sum of

131.00 Euros

for Formation (training) à Bruxelles

Translation workflow (this document is a work in progress)

User Interface & software Translation

A translator should be identified who is computer literate, and has some experience of the movement. They are not merely translating, but in many cases, deciding the language. For each language there is one definitive translation, though branches can be made. These stages are in order of importance, in case the translator can't make it to the end.
Cforge will add the language to the translation site and create an account for the translator.

Stage 1 - What the users see.

Give Training Level 3 : how you can Contribute to CF development in English or French

For future Contributors, includes installing modules, changing views, block placement and create contentTypes, testing and implementing See programme

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