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CommunityForge est une association à but non lucratif qui conçoit, développe et distribue des outils autour des Systèmes d'Echanges Locaux et des monnaies complémentaires.

Nous avons aidé plus de 400 communautés à implanter des monnaies, ce qui leur a permis de :

  • mettre en valeur leurs ressources locales
  • augmenter la cohésion et le dynamisme social

What can we personnalise on a website that CommunityForge has supplied?

The default installation allows you to personalise:
- typeset and width
- menu items
- the way new members sign up (with or without permission)
- messages sent to new, and activated members
- currency settings (min. & max. etc.)
- messages sent concerning transactions
- activities of interest in your calendar
- News items on the first page after logging in
- newsletter mailing lists
- offers and wants categories
- document categories
- image gallery categories

What do I need to decide when I request a site?

Please see the form for requesting a site at /request

Can communityForge.net customise or code new features/configuration options?

Community Forge has time to talk to you and work out what the best kind of site for you is. We can work with your existing data, livery and internal procedures, and we can work with whatever web skills you have to save you money. You can have a site off the shelf, cheap, or if you have more developed ideas, we will customise for you, or better, extend the software for all to benefit.

Who else is offering Complementary Currency internet software?

Our colleagues, Community Exchange System have worked with us to produce this direct comparison.

Cyclos is serious, open source, specialised software. Many communities find that high investment is needed to get Cyclos running and integrated with their other sytems, although a dedicated group successfully collaborated to deploy this software for most of the Taushringe in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland

What's so special about CommunityForge's service?

Our software, based on Drupal, is the only community currency trading software built on a social networking platform. That means thousands of software developers can set up similar sites, and many of them could easily modify the software. As a popular open source project, the code is very high quality and continually improving. And we take a more holistic view in terms of building up a community of users who can support each other.

Is your system compatible with Timebanks?

Our community accounting software is a zero balance system which is compatible with timebanks accounting. If you want to run a system like timebanks we can therefore help you.

However there are other aspects of the official timebank methodology which are not handled by the software yet. For example timebanks often use brokers instead of an offers wants directory, and members can specify which times of the week they are available.

What is the most important feature to add to the CF default Installation?

* Make documents on websites more secure
* Improve website design (look, block placement, views, etc.)
* Add functionalities which increase the sense of community
* Improve Exchange reporting (statistics, etc.)
* Give more control to Installations concerning what is displayed


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