Kenya's Bangla Business Network takes shape

Community Forge through it's local partner Koru-Kenya are working with a group of Kenyan small scale businesses to develop a complementary Currency called the Bangla-Pesa. Details about the last community meeting held in February with 165 business members can be found here.

Workshop game 'Trading floor'

This game is designed to show participants in workshops

  1. how trade is affected by the availability of money
  2. the inevitable result of using debt as money
  3. how money is separate from real value

Jem Bendell @ Davos

Our strategic advisor Prof Jem Bendell speaks about monetary ignorance amongst the elites at the World Economic Forum.

New timebank in Tel Aviv

Our engineer Matthew Slater was invited to Israel along with reformer Ben Dyson to present his software at a monetary reform event. Complementing Ben's talk about money, government and banking, Matthew showed how locally issued fiat currencies could be used to manfiest local values, and how emphasising accounting metrics other than the actual balance (total earned minus total spent) can indicate a user's contribution to the community.

One day workshop with world experts. UK

The University of Cumbria, UK will be hosting a one day workshop with world experts on alternative currencies and exchange systems, next March.

Community Forge board member Jem Bendell is now Director of IFLAS, the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability which is organising the event.

The intention is to raise interest both locally, and in business, government and voluntary sectors further afield.

Bangladesh Kenya 2nd Complementary Currency Meeting

Our second community meeting was held on 13-December-2012. Community Mobilization was done through the local church, Community Health Workers, local businesses as well as a youth group. Local business owners that could not attend the first meeting were asked to come participate in a 2 hour Business Networking workshop. The meeting was facilitated by Will Ruddick with the help of Alfred Sigo, Carol Okumu and Jacky Kowa.

Bangladesh Kenya 1st Complementary Currency Meeting

Bangladesh, Kenya is an informal settlement located outside Mombasa Kenya - map here. Our first community meeting was held on 29-November-2012. Community Mobilization was done through the local church as well as a youth group. Local business owners were asked to come participate in a 2 hour workshop described briefly as Business Networking. The meeting was facilitated by Will Ruddick with the help of Alfred Sigo (a local youth trained in group facilitation and given two days of training by Will Ruddick on the program).

The purpose of this session was to:
1. Gauge business community interest in Complementary Currencies (mutual credit).
2. Identify benefits and challenges of a Complementary Currency
3. Talk about barter and how it is already being used in the community.
4. Talk about how money is used for barter and in general in the community
5. Speak about benefits and challenges of both barter and money.
6. Identify and visualize the existing business networks in the community.
7. Plan next steps.

CForge welcomes Ezra Ricci to our team

Ezra Ricci became part of the team on November 1st.
He will be working with CForge on both the Geneva Currency Project (20 hours/week), and the funding requests for our currency implementations in developing countries, such as Kenya (4 hours/week).
He adds to the team :
-his experience in running NGOs
-his academic career in economic research
-his intimate knowledge of the social economy in Geneva
and his keen interest for Currencies as a means to build sustainable economic solutions

CForge asked to become an Observer of the EU project Community Currencies in Action

With this email I would like to officially invite you to assume the status of an observer of our project. This status will associate you with our partnership without any substantial commitment, please find the detail in the attached document. I would like to have your consent for this by the end of next week if possible, particularly for the listing of observers on our forthcoming website. Best regards, Leander Bindewald Researcher/Project Manager Complementary Currencies We hope to gain valuable experience that will serve our projects involving future funding requests from the European Union. Tim Anderson, Co-founder of Community Forge

Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation: October 16 2012

Community Forge's Etienne Hayem and Will Ruddick presenting in Paris France at the Centre Pompidou, Salle Triangle - on October 16th. This talk will is part of a new EU program called Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. More info on EU Funding See our press release here (.pdf)