Transition Geneva Region website soon to launch

One of our key partners for implementing complementary currencies is the Transition Network. CommunityForge built the Transition Geneva Region website, which will launch in june.
A collaborative portal which will :
-increase the visibility of actors of the transition movement
-give them the means to collaborate effectively
-give them the tools to build momentum, and a sense of community and a common goal
-make a local currency central to this mouvement.

Wendell Berry's 17 Rules For A Sustainable Economy

1. Always ask of any proposed change or innovation: What will this do to our community? How will this affect our common wealth.
2. Always include local nature – the land, the water, the air, the native creatures – within the membership of the community.
3. Always ask how local needs might be supplied from local sources, including the mutual help of neighbors.
4. Always supply local needs first (and only then think of exporting products – first to nearby cities, then to others).

19 Local French Economies enabled in a single day

At the annual summer National InterSEL camp in France, we held a one-day workshop and set up our free tool for 19 communities; training community leaders to manage their activities and accounts. Local Economies were set up in Paris, Lyon, Orléans, Bordeaux, Lille, Toulouse, Nantes, Niort and others

Seminar with Pedro Paèz on Monetary reform june 30, 15h

Seminar on monetary innovations for promoting jobs and sustainable development: the experience of Ecuador
Thursday 30 June, 3-6pm, Environment House, Chemin des Anémones, Geneva (room 3)

Lead speaker: Mr. Pedro Paez, former Minister of Economic Coordination, Ecuador, member of the Stiglitz Commission and currently head of Ecuador's Presidential Commission for a New Financial Architecture.

10 trading network activists met in Geneva May 9th

Ten trading network activists met in Geneva to discuss which functionalities should be added to the CF Toolset in order to : 1. better integrate new members 2. improve the ergonomics and pertinence of the offers/wants directory 3. promote transactions between members

7 people trained in Geneva May 6th

7 people met in Geneva to learn how to better use CF tools and become CF contributors. Welcome to the team. More later Présent: Marlies Remy Michel Rioche Sylvia Keller François Martigny Roland Martin nicolas briet Glorieux David


February was a very exciting month for Community Forge, with the Lyon Conference and the Tiocan weekend, and their resulting projects.

Tim and Matthew are all in together, and have been for two years. Tim takes the decisions and speaks French, while Matthew does the software and maintains relationships with users of the software all over the world. Building on this foundation,

    CF Training in Paris from the 25 to 28th of March

    We will be trying a new CF training format in Paris in preparation for a Tour de France this Spring (more information later).
    Schemes that are interested in using a CF installation, will make a request before Friday, and then prepare their sites over the course of the weekend. The goal is for them to be able to launch on the following Monday if they so choose.
    We still have spots available, you can sign up here

    20 CC actors meet to discuss the future of Community Forge

    Following the International academic conference in Lyon on complementary currencies (CC), Community Forge invited practitioners to a special meeting at the Tiocan, outside Geneva on 18th-20th February.