Request form for a hosted installation

A new management tool for your community in 3 easy steps:
1. FILL IN this form and send any data for import to [email protected]
2. PREPARE your site by adding News items, Documents, Tasks to do, etc. (see import guidelines)
3. LAUNCH your site, and the members bring it to life with their offers / wants, trades, photos, etc.

NB: your community will be charged 2 hours in Beads, the Community currency. You will have many opportunities to give those hours back to the community once you've set up and launched your communities website. Welcome.

Please provide the following information so that may set up your installation.

What domain name do you intend to use for your new site?
Please include the extension (.com,.ca,.de,.org etc.)
You should point your domain name to us by setting the nameservers to

When the site sends emails, what address should the emails be from? Your Local Admin can modify this field field after the installation. is able to import your member lists, offers / wants list and categories. Please consult the document How to prepare your lists for import and use the template Member_list_to_prepare.xls in order to insure accurate data transfer.(After having received several lists of poor quality, and many wasted hours, we now request € 20 per hour for this work or 1 hour of volunteer time. If the lists are well prepared, it takes about 1 hour. If not, it can take 2)

We need one person to be the main contact. This is probably the most technical person you have. We will give support to them only. Please put name and account number if applicable. Your Local Admin can modify this field after the installation.

This email must be different than the one used for the site account

A default set of categories for offers and wants is provided, which you are encouraged to edit.
With the autocategorise system, each category name has 'synonyms' which can be used to categorise the item automatically by matching against the text of the item. These can be modified at any time without having to re-categorise any offers/wants.

A password is also required to log in.

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