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Our offers are comprehensive software sets developed under drupal,which allows us to offer a site that is ready to use.

Hamlets is our offer that is the most used by Local Exchange Trading Systems and Time Banks, but it is also used by other organizations. Hamlets is a word play of the words "HAM": hamlet, and by extension community and "LETS": Local Exchange Trading System. "Hamlet" is also the name of a fresh water fish and, of course, a reference to Shakespeare poetry. This platform allows:

  • Creation of a local currency
  • Management of exchanges
  • Management of member accounts
  • Advertisement of individual and collective needs
  • Management of community communication
  • ....

All our services are recognized and guaranteed GDPR Complain.

Targets community organizations, but is also suitable for time banks. This distribution is maintained and hosted by CommunityForge but it can also be downloaded from Drupal. In case of hosting on our servers, the sites are delivered already slightly personalized and with a user’s guide that assists in setting up the rest of the configuration. A caring community has formed around this distribution.

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