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What can we personnalise on a website that CommunityForge has supplied?

The default installation allows you to personalise:
- typeset and width
- menu items
- the way new members sign up (with or without permission)
- messages sent to new, and activated members
- currency settings (min. & max. etc.)
- messages sent concerning transactions
- activities of interest in your calendar
- News items on the first page after logging in
- newsletter mailing lists
- offers and wants categories
- document categories
- image gallery categories

If you'd like to go even further, for Local Admin who have proven themselves, offers user/1 access in order to allow them to:
-move the blocks (in the left and right margins) around or make new ones
-Add or remove columns from lists
-Set up Google analytics
-Add new fields to the user profiles
-Add another field to explain your offers and wants in more detail
-We can make your transactions and balances private even within the system
etc. Read more

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