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19 Economies Locales outillé en un jour

Texte en Français en cours de rédaction

At the annual summer National InterSEL camp in France, we held a one-day workshop and set up our free tool for 19 communities; training community leaders to manage their activities and accounts. Local Economies were set up in Paris, Lyon, Orléans, Bordeaux, Lille, Toulouse, Nantes, Niort and others

A system of mutual help took form spontaneously and the day was very productive. The Trainees that see the practical benefits of CFtools, will be launching asap, in order to take advantage of the time it will save them. Others prefer to personalise more, persuade and train their members before launch. It's up to each community to make those decisions. We are simply the enablers.

These training days/weekends do more than just build capacity, they also pool precious programming resources and give us user experience input, as well as help us define feature priorities.

The next most requested feature is the ability to trade between groups online, and when it happens we would simply enable the whole network. We are seeking resources to make this happen.

Thanks to this sort of collaboration in Belgium, Switzerland, Ecuador and France, we will be making a significant feature upgrade on all the sites in September.

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