Bangladesh Kenya 1st Complementary Currency Meeting

Bangladesh, Kenya is an informal settlement located outside Mombasa Kenya - map here. Our first community meeting was held on 29-November-2012. Community Mobilization was done through the local church as well as a youth group. Local business owners were asked to come participate in a 2 hour workshop described briefly as Business Networking. The meeting was facilitated by Will Ruddick with the help of Alfred Sigo (a local youth trained in group facilitation and given two days of training by Will Ruddick on the program).

The purpose of this session was to:
1. Gauge business community interest in Complementary Currencies (mutual credit).
2. Identify benefits and challenges of a Complementary Currency
3. Talk about barter and how it is already being used in the community.
4. Talk about how money is used for barter and in general in the community
5. Speak about benefits and challenges of both barter and money.
6. Identify and visualize the existing business networks in the community.
7. Plan next steps.

World Student Christian Federation discussions

On October 12th 2012 Community Forge's WIll Ruddick and Tim Anderson met with Christine Housel Secretary General of WSCF (a worldwide movement of over 2 million members) to discuss how complementary currencies could help educate and empower WSCF movements to be part of the Solidarity Economy.

CommunityForge organises a workshop on Complementary Currencies with Thomas Greco Friday 5th & Saturday 6th of Octobre

Thomas Greco has agreed to give two workshops during his visit to Geneva for the United Nations Human Rights Social Forum,

Friday Oct. 5th - 7pm-10pm : presentation of the themes*
Maison des associations - Geneva - Biko Room - Map
- 7pm welcome drink
- 7.30pm start

17 Local Economies Set up in a Day

At the annual summer National InterSEL camp in Poisy France, we held a one-day workshop and set up our free tool for 17 communities; training community leaders to manage their activities and accounts. Local Economies were set up in Paris, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and others