mise à jour des traductions de site FR

j'ai je pense réussi à faire avancer l'implantation de mise à jour de traduction de site.

j'ai testé sur le mien cela semble ok.
je souhaiterai avoir un autre site testeur.

dnas l'idéal cela pourrait etre un site installé dans les premier. (donc très déphasé dans les mises à jour)

ensuite on fera une mise à jour
pour la version FR et on verra une trad dans toutes les langues.

me contacter si cela vous intéresse.

Sel De Caux

Software to assist with book loans for a public library

We've launched a sharing system in southern Ecuador (Vilcabamba, Loja) which offers the ability to borrow books from a library as a membership benefit. But we are trying to use the plain exchange system for that, for lack of a better option, and that is slow and cumbersome. Does anyone know of a real library system, that will provide book inventory/lookup, and track usage for 5,000-10,000 books? We've looked at Millennium, but can't get it to work. Thanks!

French translation

Je vous propose mon aide pour d'éventuels travaux de traduction en français.

German translation

Swiss Francs

Over 20 people trained in Bruxelles

Very valuable training seminar at the Community Forge workshop in Brussels last weekend—an extended one at that, since it began on Friday with the level 1 training course, a short pause on Saturday to allow those who wanted to visit the Drupal Developers Days beheld in the Université libre de Bruxelles, and continuation on Sunday and Monday with courses of the 2nd and 3rd levels respectively.

Useful information Community of Practice weekend from the 18-20 february

Finnish translation

I'm able to translate CF to Finnish if needed.

Give Training Level 3 : how you can Contribute to CF development in English or French

For future Contributors, includes installing modules, changing views, block placement and create contentTypes, testing and implementing See programme