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What are your responsibilities and obligations as a user of this CommunityForge platform?

As a user of the platform, including if you are a member of the Committee, Local Admin or User One, you must be aware that your member profile contains all the information necessary for the proper functioning required within the platform: Name, First name, Address, City, Telephone number, Email address. You are responsible for this information included in your member profile.

Your profile informations are accessible to other users of the same platform except for the email address which works, in the background, when using the "contact" function and is only accessible to the platform administrators (Committee, Local Admin or User One). They are not accessible to visitors, and they are protected by CommunityForge's security systems and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Small concrete example: The users of the Youpie LETS (dummy) have made the choice to activate the widest existing distribution tools at CommunityForge (offers and requests, intertrading, solsearch) which means that they want their ads to be visible not only by their LETS members but also by other LETS members who have made the same choice.
Even in this particular case, CommunityForge protects the personal data of its members: no personal information is published (unless the member himself/herself has included one of this information in the ad itself).

Only the information stored in your profile benefits from this protection. None of the information in your profile must therefore be replicated in the pages, advertisements, offers, wants, documents or others... or you will risk to leave the secure environment that we offer you.
You should be aware that this data is no longer protected by CommunityForge's security mechanisms and is therefore at risk of violation.

Any document attached to an offer or want is accessible to anyone who knows the specific URL address, for example by making a query via a search engine (example: plan with your contact details). However, information distributed on the Internet is extremely difficult to  be deleted because it is often replicated in search engine databases. 

It is thus strongly disadvised to you to put personal information except your profile. If you make them nevertheless, be aware of the risks you are taking (for example that your information can be spread on the Internet and used without your consent) do not complain afterwards.

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