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Dear user members

More than 400 associations, LETS and time banks use CommunityForge services for their operations and the management of their activities.

 It is thanks to the exceptional commitment of our volunteers that CommunityForge can offer you such a high quality service. For the day-to-day running of the site, we have found reinforcements with the arrival of several people who are just as much volunteers as the previous ones.

However, the IT requirements for running your tools are constantly increasing and now, without paying specialists, in addition to the work of the volunteers, the smooth running of these tools can no longer be guaranteed.

On the other hand, the cost of hosting on our servers is increasing (more and more space is needed), not to mention travel costs, equipment costs, etc.

Our operating costs are increasing and the donations from the LETS and associations we host are decreasing and are currently based on 1/10th of them, which is more than insufficient.


we appeal to your sense of responsibility,

We are appealing, as we have always done, to the donations of all platforms

This approach tends to avoid moving to a mandatory fee that could become a reality in 2022 if "everyone does not play the game".

How much to donate?  

How to donate?

We count on you as you count on us.


The CForge volunteer team

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