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Placeholder for working on the Contributors section of the website
-A scheme is a System Account, and Members are people that want to contribute.
-People should be allowed to be a Member, even if their scheme has an account, in order to contribute to others.
-I'd also like to use the System Accounts to manage projects. Let's say Belgium wishes to create a CForgeBelgium. We would create a Systems account, where the Wants would be "we need help with this" and the offers "we can help you with this". As people contribute time to the project, they create exchanges, and thus there is a tracking of units invested, and a listing of expertise.
-I've built the categories for offers/wants of our members. /admin/content/taxonomy/3
-3, Euros, beads and a currency for when the Community contributes to contract work (managed like the Projects above)
-We might not want news/recent to work the same way. To get started, we should.
-We might reconsider how the exchange forms work and the exchange types available.
I don't have any ideas other than being able to convert an offer into a transaction (the same old workflow I've been harping about for a while "User A Posts a Request" > User B commits to that Request > Once completed User B requests "payment" > User A confirms, and the exchange is completed.

-make a suggestion by creating a want and putting it into the Improve CF category
-the person in charge of improvements collects this info and creates a Monthly poll, and calls members to vote via our Monthly Newsletter
-the improvement is then worked on in by the developpers
-it is then installed in the website and tested by it's members
- a vote is called and if X% votes "yes, let's add it to the default" then it is added

This is an example of a news item in this section.
This view should behave in exactly the same way as our default installation
We should show faceted search for the Story "Audiences"
Integrate these stories?

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