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Free software

Community Forge was founded with the intention of providing software tools to support communities with their local economies; and while software is our most concrete value-proposition, we have since learned how much expertise is needed in the months and years before software can be deployed.

But when that day comes, for your community, this is what we do:

  • Maintain the Drupal installation profile Hamlets
  • Maintain a web server and offer free Drupal hosting for around 60 communities. Phil is available at a very reasonable hourly rate to help with special circumstances.
  • Support community projects with customisation and deployment.
  • Have trained several communities to use Hamlets
  • Run a Hamlets p2p helpdesk service

For the wider community, we maintain several modules for the Drupal framework, namely Community Accounting, Offers & Wants, Uid Login, Usertabs, User chooser, Autocategorise, Masquerade nominate.

How you can deploy our software

Sign up for a free, hosted community site and point your domain name at it. This is based on our Drupal distribution, Hamlets. We keep the site running and give you limited admin access. We guarantee not to voluntary share your private data with anyone. In accordance with your confidence and ability to take responsibility, we can give you greater control over your site. At any time you can download your data.

You can host your own instance of Hamlets, on your own server. You can use your exported data from our site.

You can design and build your own community site using the web framework, Drupal, and your choice of modules. Naturally we suggest the Community Accounting module to manage your community's exchange! You may wish to coordinate with matslats (below) before embarking on any major projects

Our software associates

Associates are those people who are building Community Forge in their own time, aside from what they are doing in their local communities. Without these people, Community Forge is nothing more than a record in Geneva's database of 'associations'.

Most people here are working on many projects and coordinating and sharing with the others. (Listed in alphabetical order)

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Software, local exchange systems
Phil Stevens

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