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10 trading network activists met in Geneva May 9th

Ten trading network activists met in Geneva to discuss which functionalities should be added to the CF Toolset in order to : 1. better integrate new members 2. improve the ergonomics and pertinence of the offers/wants directory 3. promote transactions between members

7 people trained in Geneva May 6th

7 people met in Geneva to learn how to better use CF tools and become CF contributors. Welcome to the team. More later Présent: Marlies Remy Michel Rioche Sylvia Keller François Martigny Roland Martin nicolas briet Glorieux David

Lyon Conference 2011

At Lyon, we were surrounded by friends! Several of us took notes, which you can find here. While Tim has strong relations with the French-speaking SEL and CC movement, Matthew knows many from the international movement, and we met many of them for the first time in person.

Over 20 people trained in Bruxelles

Very valuable training seminar at the Community Forge workshop in Brussels last weekend—an extended one at that, since it began on Friday with the level 1 training course, a short pause on Saturday to allow those who wanted to visit the Drupal Developers Days beheld in the Université libre de Bruxelles, and continuation on Sunday and Monday with courses of the 2nd and 3rd levels respectively.


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